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How Is That Possible?
That's the first question most people ask. After years of research, and a few important tweaks to the formula over the last 10 years, our scientists and formulators have discovered the EXACT right amount of each of the 8 all natural ingredients in Urcinol. Just as important as what the ingredients are is how much is in each capsule. It's the right combination in the right amounts that creates the synergistic effects that Urcinol has on a gout sufferers body. 
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Urcinol's Synergistic Blend of 8 Natural Ingredients Gives You Lasting Relief
Celery Seed
Promotes excretion of metabolic waste and uric acid crystals in urine without diuretic effects. This is extremely important as many uric acid flushes jeopardize the patient's risk of getting kidney stones.

Banaba Leaf
Contains VAD, which works to lower uric acid levels naturally by inhibiting xanthine oxidase from converting purines into uric acid. Studies show VAD to be more effective at managing normal uric acid levels than popular prescription drugs.

Yucca Root
Contains saponins, which are natural pain killers and the precursors to Cortisone. Saponins reduce the soft tissue swelling associated with gout.

Sodium Bicarbonate
An alkalinizing substance that balances blood pH, helps keep uric acid crystals from forming, and ensures that uric acid stays dissolved as it is passes through the system. Naturally occurring, bicarbonate of soda is found in many mineral springs.

An anti-inflammatory that is more powerful than Cortisone. Turmeric root safely reduces inflammation and pain in fingers and other joints during attacks.
ACAI Fruit 
Contains strong antioxidant properties and worked in conjunction with Banaba Leaf; to continue lowering uric acid naturally.

Milk Thistle
A powerful antioxidant that helps strengthen liver and kidney cells by stimulating protein synthesis in these cells.

Artichoke Leaf
Most gout sufferers have excess uric acid build up as a result of their body's inability to manage this metabolic waste. Artichoke safely promotes the excretion of uric acid.

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Urcinol's powerful formula performs two important things when it enters your body. First it's all natural pain killers and anti-inflammatories go to work right away to relieve the pain and reduce the swelling. Second Urcinol works with your body to reduce uric acid in your blood to make sure you don't have another Flare-up.  

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